They Like Us!

Please enjoy the following Vail Daily HOME Magazine article (page 46!) with some great fall recipes!

Just a few informal “reviews” of FOODsmith Personal Chef services (there are a couple of funny ones!)

(group of great ladies travelling together and enjoying a cooking class, summer of 2018)

Hi Allana, Just wanted you to know how much Jim and I appreciate all you did for us for our brunch. You even left us with some wonderful “left-overs” all carefully put away in the refrig. You incredible food was full of surprises and delights, so fresh, and beautifully served. We thank you so much coming and we will be sampling some “drop-offs” soon. Hugs, Barb and Jim

(Barb and Jim, Edwards residents, June 2018)

Hi, Allana,
I have been remiss in not telling you sooner that our 50th Anniversary dinner was delicious; there were many compliments from our guests. And a lot of us enjoyed the dishes again the next day! Byron and I think it was a wonderful occasion and thank you and your assistant (whose name escapes me this moment) for being a big part of it.
We look forward to working with you again—maybe we’ll see you at some event this summer. Sally

(Sally and Byron, East Vail residents, June 2018)

(regular guests whom we can’t wait to see year over year! February, 2018)

Thanks for another delicious meal. Great to see both of you looking so good and seeming very happy. Thanks also for the info! Our dates for next year are July 10-24, 2018. Kids most likely to come between the 12th and the 22nd, but will let you know when they buy their tickets. Until then, be well!
? Forever Grateful,

(regular travelers to Vail, planning their meals one year in advance! summer 2017)

(guests at “The Castle” in Arrowhead, a beautiful home where we have prepared meals and dropped off meals often – they even have a wood burning pizza oven!! August, 2017)

Hi Allana-
I want to thank you for the most delicious dinner at my house on Dec 26th. Everyone loved the chicken and once again, the first course soup was a huge hit. The dessert was my favorite of all time though. The warm apple crumble was fabulous!
We missed you in the kitchen but Shawn was great that night. David too. They did an excellent job of taking care of us including washing ALL the wine glasses. Was a real treat for me to have a clean kitchen after such a big meal.

All the best to you and your family for the New Year.
Xxo Diane

Ps. The tubs of tomato soup were wonderful. We all had for lunch that week, doctored with your left over chicken and vegetables.

(Vail local, after enjoying their holiday meal with friends & family, December 2017)

Hi, Allana,

Everything was fantastic! From soups to ice creams, to cooking lesson (a fav of kids and grand kids)to catered ‘last night dinner’. Plus Shawn was kind to spend time with our oldest, most curious grand daughter. Thank you thank you.

Will place an order for more soups and goodies to freeze in next few weeks. We will be back mid Jan and look forward to stocking up.

Many thanks and Happy New Year!

(from East vail homeowners, December 2017)

Allana-our New Years dinner was delicious thanks to you. I managed everything as instructed.
Many thanks and happy New Year to you and your family!

(from Judy & Alan, Edwards locals, January 1st, 2018)

Hi Allana!  I’m sorry I’m just now writing you…but I wanted to say how much we LOOOOOOOVED the food you brought over!  We had some local guests join us for dinner on Saturday and it was perfect to be able to provide a meal for them at the home where we could catch up.  Although we couldn’t take credit for the amazing meal, it was something we were so proud to share.  It was so so delicious.  We all overate, but that’s never a bad thing with food that good!  Thank you for all your help…I will definitely keep you in mind for our future trips!
Thank you!

Jessica Andres

(from Vail traveler, Jessica Andres, January 16, 2016)

Hey Allana, I just wanted to say that dinner last night was fantastic, thank you for preparing everything so quickly! We have enough leftovers for at least an entire 2nd meal tonight. Everyone was super happy with the food. We’ll definitely write a good review on Facebook after we settle in later. Thanks! 

(from Dan Guido and his NINETEEN friends visiting from New York, NY for the first time, January 2016)

Whitney and Erin- Don’t have email for Elyse but at noon yesterday, she put me in touch with a in-home chef who, by 6:30 that evening, had thrown together one of the best meals you could imagine! Her name is Allana Smith and her company is Food Smith and I cannot recommend her more highly for future Inspirato people who are looking for great food in the home. Hope that is helpful! Trevor

(from Vail traveler, Trevor Price, to his Inspirato concierge, August 2nd, 2015) (party was for TWENTY-TWO people!)

Thanks for a wonderful birthday dinner. All of the food was delicious. 

When you have time please pass along the soup and lentil recipe. I will attempt the soup this summer once tomato season arrives. Thanks again. 

(from Vail traveler, Tori Eisenberg, March 22nd, 2015)

“Hi, Allana, The tenderloin and salmon were hits last night.  There was not enough salmon to save (!) and only a few slices of beef.  I loved the cheeses–glad there are a few bites left to nosh on tonight.  Would you send me a list of their names at your convenience?  I wonder if they are sold locally. Thanks again and it nice to meet you.  Sally”

(from Vail resident Sally Rose, February 23rd, 2015)

“Here’s some comments from tonight’s dinner:

“What’s a squash? Because I think I kinda like it”

“Oh man her kids are so lucky- they’ve got a mom that cooks like this!”

“Don’t eat all the ribs!!!! I want this dinner in my lunchbox tomorrow”

“Man this cornbread is like cake- do you think it would be weird to have this cornbread for my birthday cake next year?”

“Man this Mac n cheese is better than Moe’s. And you know I like Moe’s Mac m cheese ALOT”

“I think Monday’s are going to be my favorite days from now on”…”no offense mom”… None taken son.

“What do you think she’s going to make us next Monday?”

“This was a good idea mom”

“Um…. Is it only Monday’s cuz I was just thinking….” Guess it was a success! Everyone ate everything- thanks for making me a healthy part too!

I agree with the kids… I wish  it could be more than just Monday’s.

Thanks Allana- much appreciated!”
(from Eagle residents, Moyer family, February 3rd, 2015)


“Dear Allana, I wanted to thank you for an awesome celebration for Gary’s Medicare birthday! The dinner was absolutely superb! Although “decadent,” we were all able to experience each course with sheer enjoyment. The meal was amazing as were Sean and Meredith. They were such a pleasure to have in my kitchen; fun, organized, immaculate, sweet, nice as well as professional. We enjoyed the entire evening and look forward to another evening when we can experience Sean’s delectable dishes once more!Thanks again for a wonderful experience!”

(from Vail resident Laurie Kuskin, February 20th, 2015)

“This is Maria . We were there a few weeks ago and you cooked for us the most amazing egg Benedict. I would love to have your recipe . Thank you again for the amazing breakfast.”

(from Vail traveler, Maria, January, 2015)

(great note from local realtor Connie Kincaid-Strahan, after an open house/lunch which we prepared, one of our first and best clients! summer 2014)